Convenient Power Options = Happy Customers
May 10, 2016

Ask any bartender and you'll find that there are a multitude of things that we as bar patrons do that just, well, annoy them. From ordering "a beer" without specifying what KIND of beer to say, helping yourself to a cherry from the fruit tray, there are a million-and-one things that bartenders hate. One of those that just happens to be near the top of the list is the "can you charge my phone behind the bar?" question. Yes, this is surely bound to get you a gasp, a sigh, at best a reluctant yes. But seriously, how EASY is it to solve this problem for BOTH parties?

You need a charge. The staff doesn't have the time or patience to give you a charge. Where is the middle ground? A simple solution - accessible outlets. Everybody wins when a restaurant places outlets or USB chargers within reach of customers so they can manage their own charging needs. It's the simplest way to not only keep everybody happy, but also to keep everybody in their seats... imbibing. Even in a social environment like a bar, sadly, we are still connected to our mobile devices as if they were the lifeblood of our being. And since those enlarged screens with hi-def clarity and colorful displays now zap battery power faster than ever, we are bound to encounter that lonely, unsettling feeling of a dead (or quickly dying) device and be put in a vulnerable state - one that might otherwise prompt you to leave wherever you are in favor of a safe charging-friendly zone.

Charging options in the hospitality world do not have to be limited to bar tops either - integrating power into furniture in lounges, lobbies and waiting rooms is another easy way to meet user needs and satisfy their demands. No more leaving your phone unattended at a faraway wall outlet or risking forgetting to get it back from behind the bar when you leave (part 2 of the bartender's pet peave - now managing the lost and found stash).

Providing simple power options will not only serve as a courtesy to the customer to enhance their experience, but will ultimately allow a bar or restaurant owner to keep patrons inside the confines of their walls. And ultimately spending more money in the process as they either dine comfortably knowing their phone is being safely charged, or order that extra drink while waiting to boost their battery. Either way, go ahead; stay a little while.

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