Benching Solutions. Is it right for your office?
January 29, 2016

Benching is the biggest new trend in office design, and those old high cubicle walls are crashing down in favor of an open space floor plan. But will it work for you and your office culture?

Stuffy cubicles obstruct vision and create obstacles for communication. Benching solutions do just the opposite, but with an open plan design, some may feel that they are a little too close for comfort with those around them. How do you make your office into an open, collaborative workspace without infringing on privacy? It's a very delicate balance, but it can yield highly successful results when done correctly.

Opening up floor space can breathe new life into what may have once been a traditional "cube farm" by letting in natural light. This newfound freedom of sightlines and open airspace can open the lines of communication with neighboring workstations. Communication is vital in harnessing productivity, so putting colleagues within earshot of one another, or at least in a position to easily meet to discuss plans or operations, allows for a more collaborative team effort.

Plus, the idea of benching dividers is not just limited to the actual work desks. The open floor plan concept extends beyond the workstation and lends itself to new design concepts throughout the entire office. With total transparency and openness, this may require comfortable seating or standing height stations for impromptu meetings.

This doesn't mean you have to completely do away with the idea of privacy altogether. You can even retrofit existing furniture with panel dividers and privacy screens using desk mounted panel brackets and panel holders. It is also helpful to include some designated areas specifically for privacy where people can step away to make a personal call or have impromptu meetings. People still need personal space, so keep that in mind in the overall design.

So, when you consider your own office environment and culture and the nature of the work at hand, ask yourself if the open floor plan concept works for you and see what a difference it can make!

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