Barn Door Hardware - It's All About YOU!
March 30, 2016

So, how did this rustic barn door style make its way into urban lofts and luxury interiors? Well, much of its recent trending success can be attributed to its basic functionality. The graceful freedom of movement is nearly frictionless as the door glides effortlessly across the track. But it's really about options. These decorative track systems combine traditional rustic stylings with modern elegance to create a unique personalized statement piece. Plus, pairing the hardware with the door itself is equally important - finding that right match is part of the fun!

These clunky iron brackets originally served mainly as a space-saving option for small spaces that couldn't accommodate a traditional swinging door. That was then. This is now. With a little imagination, this sliding door concept can take any traditional living space and make it your own. A painted door can breathe life into a room with vibrant colors and act as a reflection of your personality. Or a reclaimed look can give a natural charm to a modern interior. A chic glass door in a master bathroom can serve as a divider between bath and closet or turn open recessed cabinetry into private closet space. Open up interiors for natural light when it's needed, and privacy when it is not, either with a single door opening or by replacing French doors. Natural, rustic, colorful, modern - whatever look you are trying to achieve, sliding door hardware can assist in making that a reality.

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