Privacy Screens
May 14, 2020

Health & Safety Barriers

Privacy ScreensPrivacy screens are for more than just privacy. Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other flu and airborne bacteria with the help of privacy screens and panel brackets. Commercial spaces such as airports, restaurants and public dining areas like food courts, and check stands for clerks and tellers are all likely to soon have permanent fixtures with glass partitions to shield patrons and employees for sharing intimate airspace.

Imagine long tables if you will with bench seating or individual bar stools outfitted with power and USB charging every 3-4’ apart, perfect for communal work spaces in public spaces. This is all too common at airports and hotel lobbies and the like. What was once a very open community may now see a shift into more timid, sheltered coexistence without having proper personal barriers in place. Long dining tables may work just fine for larger parties, but what if two smaller parties are sharing the same space or if there are singles seated near one another? Perhaps a configurable freestanding privacy panel would work to place on the table wherever needed to create that separation. We may be forced to view design in general very differently going forward as a result of the reaction to the novel Coronavirus.

Many retail establishments have already installed glass shields to protect cashiers. Some are crude in design as a temporary fix while others were integrated with the furniture quite well and may serve as a long-standing permanent fixture. We expect more will be adapting their current check stands to accommodate retrofitted options or will replace their entire setup at some point with new design solutions. The same goes for information stations and concierge stands. Any sort of hospitality worker that is constantly in close contact with customers may have to soon adapt to new privacy barriers in order to communicate.

Privacy Screens

Start thinking of ways you can retrofit your commercial design space with panel brackets to support privacy panels.

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