Privacy Screens for Safe Work Spaces
May 11, 2020

Privacy Panels Create Safe Personal Work Spaces

Open work spaces are great for collaboration, but personal space is also important to prevent the spread of germs. Privacy panels don’t just block out unwanted noise, they also serve as sneeze-guards against airborne agents. Use Panel Brackets to hoist up a panel on your own work desk to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Privacy Panels

Line your work area with panel screens to set up a perimeter and delineate personal space. Acoustic properties from felt lined panels will help mute or deaden white noise and chatter, but will also serve as a protective safety barrier from passers-by and neighbors who might be coughing or talking and spreading germs. Panel Brackets work with all types of privacy panels and either drill through to hold for a true secure fit or tighten up against the panel to hold in place for adjustable widths.

Privacy Panels
Depending on the nature of the work being performed, you may opt for a glass or acrylic panel so that you can maintain clear visibility through the partition when interacting with customers or coworkers, especially for verbal communication. Or use frosted or translucent glass or acrylic works great for added privacy. For more intimate workspaces that require personal focus, mdf or particle board panels with fabric or felt lining will do the trick.

Privacy Panels

Once you find the right privacy panel screen, you’ll need to find the perfect panel grips to go with it. Mockett’s collection of Panel Brackets accommodate panels from ¼” up to ½” thick, or in some cases even thicker if needed for those that operate as two independent brackets on either side of the panel to secure in place. Most brackets can accommodate privacy panels up to 18” – 24” high which is sufficient for coverage on most work desks.

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