In-Desk Power Grommets w/ Open Face Address COVID Concerns
October 5, 2020

Why Open-Faced Power Grommets might be the Best Solution for Your Commercial Space

It’s easy to see looking back that COVID-19 was a real disruptor in the design world as we saw a global shift in work habits. While everyone scrambled to take whatever necessary steps they had to in order to create a safe work space (i.e. privacy screens, reconfiguring for social distancing, etc.), it was some of the smaller details that emerged later on that really piqued our interest.

Power, and convenient access to power, is still a necessity no matter how we configure our work desks. With that critical function in mind, we’ve witnessed a behavioral shift when it comes to functionality. Open-faced recessed power grommets are not only easy to install and easy to access, but they offer another feature that is blatantly obvious but perhaps not as measurable as one would expect – they require little-to-no touching to operate.

In Desk Power Grommets

One of the best features of in-desk power grommets was always their conspicuous nature; they are easy to identify and locate unlike some of the pop up and hideaway grommets that are meant to blend seamlessly with the surface. These open-faced outlets and USB chargers are exposed at all times making them an easy target for a user in need. But one of the unintended benefits of that ease-of-use feature is now rooted in the idea of safety. Pop ups require pressing the lid to operate whereas open-faced power grommets can be used with minimal contact thus lowering the risk of spreading communicable bacteria and viruses, which is especially helpful in commercial spaces with multiple users.

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Stylish housings with contemporary finishes and faceplates give you plenty of options for your next commercial design project. Mockett keeps all the most popular configurations in stock so you can have your choice of power and USB charging options for any application.

In Desk Power Grommets
In Desk Power Grommets

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