Design Competition
April 14, 2020

Blade Door Stop Wins Mockett’s Design Competition

Design CompetitionIt is with great pleasure to announce the Winner of Mockett’s Annual Design Competition, Yosei Ikeda.

Yosei Ikeda of Denver, CO is the sole winner of the 2019 Design Competition with his entry, Blade Door Stop. This is just such an eye-catching design, it really stood out from the crowd. We were immediately drawn to its fascinating contours and smooth composition. We really enjoyed his submission where he presented the part as “A door stop that doesn’t make you sad.” We were tickled by that – we thought that was just so innocent and charming and couldn’t agree more.

Blade Door Stop will be available soon. The next phase of production begins where we will take this design to the lab and begin working with Yosei. We can’t wait to see it come to life! The stopper will be made of Aluminum and will include TPU grip inserts to keep a steady hold even against the heaviest doors. An optional door-mounted bracket harness will likely be available to stow away when not in use.

Design Competition

We want to thank ALL of our 2019 entrants. We saw many, many great designs, and trust us when we say it’s never an easy decision. Entries are now open for 2020, so please send us your designs for a shot at a $1000 cash prize and royalties based on sales. No design is to prosaic, too dull, or too unimaginative. We look forward to seeing all of your great ideas in industrial design to help power the future of innovation for furniture components! Good luck and congratulations again, Yosei Ikeda.

Design Competition

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