Barn Door Hardware
April 1, 2019

Barn Door Hardware

Dual-purpose barn door hardware is both functional and decorative - a great space-saving tool that doubles as an attractive complementary design. Sliding door hardware, otherwise known as barn door hardware, will add a timeless charm to any space. Incorporating this ultra-chic hardware is a neat way to give a rustic feel to a contemporary space or a modern touch to a farmhouse style traditional design. Sliding barn doors open you up to a world of endless possibilities when it comes to design; here are a few of our favorites:

Credenza Doors

This miniature version of a traditional barn door set gives a fresh new take on other furniture types. Switch out your traditional hinged door hardware for barn door hardware; it not only opens up the extra space taken by a swinging door but also adds a new eye-catching angle that is sure to draw attention on bars, buffets, entertainment centers, and book cases. See miniature sliding door set, SDH4 for furniture.

Room Separation

Everyone loves an open concept floor plan. The only problem? Lack of privacy. The solution? Sliding barn doors. A custom door makes an artistic statement in the room and slides closed when you need a little peace and quiet. This works well in residences as well as offices for conference or meeting rooms. See double door set, SDH3, for separating large rooms and entryways.

Space Saving Door

When you are working with a small space; every square foot counts. Opting for a sliding barn door in lieu of a hinged swinging door can save you valuable real estate that can be used for additional work or living space and make for a stylish addition to the room. See SDH1 for a highly versatile stainless steel sliding door hardware set that works on all types of doors.

Entertainment Center

Give your beautiful furniture a picturesque transformation with a double door opening for your entertainment center. Hide boxes, wires, and even a television when not in use for a seamless contemporary look that makes the whole piece shine.


Barn Door Hardware is not only a great space-saving tool for small spaces, but also a chic way to give a rustic feel to a contemporary loft or office space. We supply the hardware - you supply your own custom door. Use in any home or office environment and give your space a unique personal touch!

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