Color Of the Year 2018
January 9, 2018

Color of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet

Pantone has announced its 2018 color of the year, ULTRA VIOLET. This variation of purple is a complex color and might be a fitting color for this New Year. This color is very rare in nature, and it was used exclusively by close relatives of the royal family during Queen Elizabeth I’s regime. Thanks to the chemist William Henry Perkin, who accidently created the synthetic version of purple dye, we now see this color more frequently and are able to enjoy its deep richness in our décor, wardrobes, and more.

Purple naturally evokes creativity – its vibrancy and elegance promises to keep us focused and forward-thinking. This color exhibits a strong character and attitude, making it is bold choice, which is why we are sure many interior designers are ready to jump on this trend and let their imaginations run wild.

There are many ways to incorporate this amazing color palette into your design. It can be used on an accent wall or in decorative objects, chairs, and accessories. Pantone’s color of the year didn’t come alone. They also introduced 8 color palettes that can help you blend your new ULTRA VIOLET sensation with other colors to take the guesswork out of pairing options. Our favorite color palette is the “Attitude” scheme. This combination is perfect for offices that want to motivate employees to be creative and maintain a high-energy working environment.

Color Combonation 1

We’ve chosen some products in our collection that will suit the “Attitude” palette perfectly. These products will keep you moving, connected, and organized at all times just like these colors suggest. Get ready to make Pantone’s color of the year your new mantra for 2018:

Power outlets will keep you connected without having to crawl under the table. The Flip (PCS73/USB/53) is the perfect addition to conference room tables and training tables. It is simple to install and sits flush on the surface for a sleek design. Get moving! Our Casters will make you move. The Ball Casters (CA56B/SC) are fun and modern and with various colors to choose from, you can breathe new life into your office setting with whatever combination suits you.

Organization is key for office efficiency. Snake Wire Manager (WM16) will keep all the cables under control, Acoustic Panel (PSCR7) creates a personal workspace while its acoustic properties serve to neutralize unwanted office noise, and Trash Grommet Liner (TM1) is an excellent way to keep trash bins neat and tidy.

Take a look at these product pairings using the Attitude palette and enjoy finding all your own fun accessories to match!


Color Combonation 2


Color Combonation 3

Color Combonation 4

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