Resimercial Takeover
October 1, 2018

Resimercial Takeover – Blurring the Lines of Home and Office Design

Over the past few years there has been a major push towards a more casual, more flexible, and more relaxing atmosphere in the office, grabbing design elements from both the residential and commercial realms. Employers should be aware of the effects of office design on their employees’ productivity, engagement, and overall team morale. Resimercial Design has a way of hitting all the marks and achieving an aesthetically pleasing design that provides both comfort and functionality.

So how do you achieve this design and create a space for happier employees? Here are a few tips:

Break down those cubicle walls!

More common spaces lead to more creative collaboration. Encourage those interactions by establishing a casual, open floorplan that allows employees to work where they choose. Make these spaces aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and flexible allowing employees the freedom to move around without being tied down to their desks all day. Elements such as sit-stand desk accessories create flexible work stations that adjust to changing needs throughout the day.

Use a variety of furniture and design elements throughout to mix up your workspace.

Opt for colorful, comfortable, residential type furniture pieces with soft lines and bold colors that create an intimate environment with less of an institutional feel. Adding stand-out pieces such as wall treatments and distinctive lighting fixtures will contribute to that friendlier vibe. Having a blend of private areas, large conference areas, smaller meeting areas, and lounge-type areas will help your employees to feel more at home and, again, make for a more productive work space.

Incorporate break areas that put an emphasis on employee leisure.

It is important to create a space separate from other common areas where employees can go to unwind during breaks without having to overhear work related calls or meetings. A comfortable break room or trendy café make for the perfect blend of work and fun – you’re close enough if you are needed, but separate enough to actually relax. Areas like this will make employees want to stay longer, work harder, and enjoy themselves.

By creating a more open floor plan for employee collaboration, you will see a rise in team morale and overall employee wellbeing. Adding an abundance of both private and communal areas will make working together easy while also ensuring that when employees want to be alone, they can be. By having a communal break area or café for gatherings, you make certain that your employees will also have a space that is specifically for winding down and releasing the stress of the day. Implementing these ideas into your office design is the perfect way to make your workspace a reflection of your business style and will result in happier, more productive employees.

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