How to Choose the Best Metal Finishes for Your Interior
March 27, 2018

Metal Finishes

Every detail, no matter how big or how small, is crucial in interior design, especially when it comes to finishes and their harmonious relationship with one another. The success of the overall composition is dependent on all elements working together. Choosing the perfect metal finish for your design can be one of the most challenging components of design, but also one of the most fun. There are so many options with subtle nuances that is hard not to fall in love with more than one finish. There are plenty of options to choose from and a lot the decision making process ultimately comes down to personal taste, which makes it even more fun because you can apply a bit of your own identity into the project. We offer many different products finishes to best suit your taste. And since each finish has its own character, we have created a list to guide you.

Brushed Brushed – This is a matte finish that is obtained by brushing fine abrasives on the surface of the metal, creating a pattern of fine lines similar to paintbrush strokes. Brushed finishes have a more clinical feel to them, perfect for places like kitchens and bathrooms because they don’t get smudges.

Polished Polished – This is a mirror-like finish. The metal surface is buffed until a smooth, bright finish appears. This finish is great for playful places. Mirror-like objects give a design a sophisticated impression and spark a conversational feel. Polished finishes are ideal for social areas.

Satin Satin – This is a smooth surface with a touch of brightness. It is similar to brushed metal, but without the brushstroke marks. Like brushed metal, satin finishes are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms because of their smudge-free characteristics.

AntiqueAntique – This is a finish that was distressed to obtain a weathered look. Darkening or tarnishing the metal often obtains this aged feel. This finish is for those who love Victorian style and the elegance of antiques. It goes well in living rooms or kitchens especially, among others.

Now with this basic understanding of metal finishes, which one is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts!

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