Smart Home - How Technology is Improving Your Home
July 23, 2018

Incorporating Technology into Your Home

Technology is all around us and always evolving. If they aren’t already, you can count on smart gadgets becoming a part of your everyday life in the near future. Smart homes have been an emerging trend for a while now – we can not only expect to see more ordinary household items become extraordinary, but we can also bet on items such as these becoming the norm in homes.

Here is a list of some new technologies to keep an eye out for:

Smart toilets, voice activated shower controls, Wi-Fi enabled precision cookers – you name it, you can update your home with it. With toilets that have features like self-cleaning, deodorizers, foot warmers, and Bluetooth and MP3 capabilities, the old term “sitting on the throne” finally feels appropriate! Smart kitchen accessories take the guesswork out of cooking and make it so you can start your dinner before you even get home from work. Hooray for no more late-night overcooked meals!

Precision Cooker

Water conservationists rejoice! Smart sprinkler systems have the capability to help regulate and reduce your water usage by responding to real-time weather conditions and forecasts. Smartphone companion apps give you the ability to regulate your watering schedule remotely and can also provide a detailed report of water usage so you can keep track of it.

Lawn Care

Amped up security cameras like the Nest have been a thing for a while now. With new technologies developing daily, it was only a matter of time before someone found a way to improve on it. Lighthouse has created a security camera using the same technology as self-driving cars – it comes equipped with facial recognition capabilities to alert you when both expected and unexpected visitors enter your home by sending real-time alerts to your phone.

Home Security


With all of these products emerging and each focusing on different parts of your home, it is helpful to have them all compacted into one control center. A Smart Home Hub can help to keep all of your gadgets organized under one central system that you can access from your smart phone even when you’re not at home.

Smart Home Hub

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