Hospital Grade vs Tamper Resistant
September 24, 2018

Hospital Grade vs. Tamper Resistant

You might have heard about Hospital Grade and Tamper Resistant receptacles and wondered what are the requirements for use? Or do you even need them? These power outlets look very much alike and are hardly any different than your standard receptacle, making it even more confusing since each of them has a different purpose for different environments. We’ll help you understand a little bit more about these receptacles and answer some common questions to clear up any uncertainty.

What is a Hospital Grade receptacle?

Hospital Grade receptacles may look similar to general power receptacles but they can be identified by a green dot. These outlets are designed and tested to not only comply with general use requirements, but are held to higher performance standards including additional grounding reliability and increased assembly integrity, strength and durability. These outlets are much stronger than regular receptacles. The inputs have a tighter grip on the plug, making it harder to unplug, and minimizes the negative effects of power interruptions.

Hospital Grade Plugs

Where are Hospital Grade receptacles required?

Hospital Grade receptacles are required in health care facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and patient care areas, general care areas, and critical care areas of said facilities.

What is a Tamper Resistant receptacle?

Tamper Resistant receptacles can be identified by the letters TR, denoted somewhere on the outlet itself, usually between the shutter doors. These receptacles were designed with a built-in shutter system, which only opens when equal pressure is applied simultaneously to both sides of the receptacle. These receptacles were mainly created to prevent electrical injuries. Be aware that although tamper resistant outlets prevent shock from insertion of foreign objects into a single shutter, it is not automatically “child proof” for instances where both shutter doors are engaged allowing a current to pass through, so bear in mind further precautions are necessary when children are near these receptacles.

Tamper Resistant

Where are Tamper Resistant receptacles required?

Tamper Resistant receptacles are required in residential spaces for wall duplexes, small appliance circuitry, countertop spaces, bathroom areas, outdoor power receptacles, laundry areas, garages, and hallways. Some hospitality environments like hotels may also require TR receptacles in the event that children may be present.

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