Halloween Ideas for Ghoulish Designers
October 22, 2018

Pinterest Picks – 5 Quick & Easy Halloween Décor Ideas

With the fall season comes pumpkins, hay rides, fallen leaves and cooler weather. As the first holiday of the season, Halloween is the starting point for a 3 month long spree of celebrating and decorating and it is the ideal time to get creative and show off your DIY skills with some creepy crafts. We’ve gathered a list below of some of our favorite DIY trends spotted on Pinterest this season:

1) Creepy Candlesticks

These candlesticks are easy to make and will look good anywhere! All you’ll need to tackle this project is glass containers in various shapes and some candles in your preferred color(s). You can simply light the candles to let the wax trickle down on its own or, if you need the look in a hurry, put a lighter directly to the candle to quickly melt the wax and drip it around the glass. Group them together for a centerpiece or spread them all throughout your home for an ominous vibe everywhere you look.

2) Wall of Bats

We’ve been seeing this all over Pinterest and Instagram - it is definitely one of the top-trending looks of the season. It’s no surprise considering its simplicity and versatility work well with any design and add an eye-catching element to your Halloween decor. You can use this paper template for indoor applications or opt for foam bats like these to create a striking outdoor look.

3) Creepy Glowing Eyes

We seriously love both the look of this pick and how easy it is to put together! While it does take a bit of planning since you’ll need to save paper towel and toilet paper rolls ahead of time, this is still a project that can be completed quickly and has an amazingly ghoulish look that’s sure to spook passersby!

Face in a Jar

This pick is an all-time favorite! It is so easy to make and gives off all of the fearsome feels. All you need to do to create this terrifying bauble is put a rubber mask into a clear glass bottle, fill with water and add some loose tea to achieve an eerie look. Display them proudly front and center or hide them in cabinets or shelving to startle your guests, either way they will be a picture-perfect addition to your haunted house or Halloween party!

5) Ghost Wall Art

This decoration has a truly hair-raising look – spook your guests with ghost wall art that makes it look like the spirits are actually emerging from the beyond. All you need to create this disturbing design are large frames, doll or Styrofoam heads, cheesecloth, and heavy duty starch spray. Add multiple layers of cheesecloth to add overall texture and get the smoky background look.

Which sinister look will you try this year? Happy haunting!

For more creepy crafts head over to our board on Pinterest:

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