Cargotecture - Residential and Commercial Buildings Made with Containers
July 5, 2018

Cargotecture - Residential and Commercial Buildings Made with Containers

You might have seen this new architecture trend on television, in magazines, or maybe even in your own neighborhood. It’s called “Cargotecture”, and architects all over the world are using shipping containers to build homes, restaurants, and offices. This trend has grown in popularity in recent years mainly due to the wide availability, low price, and eco-friendly characteristics of the containers used for construction.

Since shipping containers are a global universal trade vehicle, they can be found anywhere across the planet and they are definitely not in short supply. One major benefit is that containers were designed to be very durable and weather resistant, making them safe to stack in high columns, one on top of the other, to carry heavy loads, and they can withstand extreme weather conditions, even tornados. They are also very easy to transport since they conform to standard shipping sizes.

Here are some examples of modern Cargotecture:

Joshua Tree Residence

Joshua Tree Res

According to Dezeen magazine, James Whitaker designed this ultra-modern, white cargo architecture to be located at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. This sea urchin like design guarantees that each container has great views across the vast natural landscape. Construction is due to start this year.

Startup Shipping Container Village

Shipping Container Village

Architect Julius Taminiau designed this container village to create a more affordable location for startup companies to flourish. The result was this beautiful and colorful community in Amsterdam. According to Inhabitat, the Startup Village is also used for networking events, gatherings, and even cinema nights.

Container Pool

Container Pool

Containers can even be used as swimming pools. According to Dezeen, Canadian couple Paul and Denise Rathnam had the idea of building pools out of containers on a trip to Palm Springs. They created the company Modpool where they purchase containers that were used to bring goods from China to America, and then they transform it into a beautiful pool with a Jacuzzi.

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