Wire Management
July 17, 2017

How to Organize Wires

Spaghetti party? No, sadly, it's just a bunch of clutter leaving a mess of wires behind on and around your furniture. Where to start? It can seem daunting, perhaps even impossible. Trust us, getting organized with wire management is something we've been tackling for over 36 years, and we know how frustrating it can be. The good news: do it right from the beginning and you won't have to worry about it again. What a relief.

Here are some tips on getting your cables to cooperate with your design and creating a clutter-free and stress-free working or living environment:

Step 1 - Use the right cable

Start by verifying what length you actually NEED for your application. Sometimes we get carried away with long cables we don't need and end up with the excess length just hanging around. Measure for length for all projects in general and give preference to smaller cables, especially in small or tight spaces. Since we tend to work in reverse by hooking up our workstation, then working backwards to clean up the loose cables after the fact, this simple measure may save you the headache.

Use the Right Cable


Step 2 - Label or mark your cables

Labeling your cables may sound silly or unnecessary, but just wait until you need to unplug something in a tight space.... Asking yourself "which one is it?" as you grunt to reach trying to tug and feed each lead towards your source. Makes perfect sense now. Use a simple cable tag or colored tape (gaffer tape works great) on either end to identify each cable. Or write directly on the tape or on a slip of paper that is held in place by the tape with an identifier.

Label or mark your cables


Step 3 - Create a path way

Identify your power source location and the path that your cables will need to follow to get there. Gang your cables together and prep them for channeling through a wire manager (see Step 4). This planning will help consolidate your cabling and keep it from stemming from multiple locations.

Create a path way


Step 4 - Create a functional workspace

Bundle your wires together into your wire manager, either a sleeve, a wire stay/trough, or through a series of clips or straps that keep your cables nice and tidy and help them maintain the course. Cable ties can help bundle smaller wires. For thicker cables, a flexible tube with Velcro or a cable wrap are great solutions that require very little installation planning.

Create a functional workspace
WM32 - Cable Wrap


Step 5 - Enjoy your newly streamlined workspace!

Now that you are organized, notice how much more efficient your space will become. Or more importantly, how much more efficient your entire office will be! Cleanliness promotes professionalism and an inspired work station will do wonders to your productivity.


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