5 Ways to Update your Office
December 4, 2017

5 Ways to Update your Office

When’s the last time you updated your office? Has it been 10 years or more? Maybe it’s time to start thinking of ways to renovate. Office designs and trends change periodically, and older setups can look tired and outdated making it a less attractive setting for employees and clients. You might not have given it much thought being caught up in the day to day, but an aging office can take a toll on employee motivation and create lethargy. Renovating your office can liven things up and produce newfound energy within the office walls, improving office morale and employee performance. Whether your changes are big or small, any conscious movement to stimulate performance can keep staff on their toes and on top of their game. Follow these easy tips to create a fresh new environment for your office setting.


This simple step can actually make a huge difference without making any real changes at all. As days, months, and years roll by, time leaves a lot of baggage in its wake. Offices tend to accumulate lots of papers, notebooks, and old files that make the office look really cluttered. Go through all your folders and check what you really need to keep. You’ll likely discover that you don’t really need most of it after all. Throw it out. See how liberating it is just to free yourself from clutter.

Cluttered Office Space

Office Layout

Office managers probably fear change for budgetary reasons. Well, the good news is you don’t necessarily have to buy everything new to revitalize your environment. Try moving your existing furniture around. A simple redesign will give your office a new feel and make your team feel refreshed ready for new challenges. Before changing things around, just make sure to measure the space and draw up a plan to make sure your new layout will work within your space.

Office Layout

Introduce Plants

Maybe it’s time to create a living office and invest in some greenery. There’s no doubt plants in general promote many health benefits for us. They reduce stress, increase productivity, clean the air, and much more. We spend longer hours in front of computers, so it is a great idea to bring a little bit of nature inside to boost employees’ energy and create a healthy outdoorsy environment.

Pots & Plants

Wire Management Evaluation

Wires can get pretty messy… and messy cabling not only looks disorganized, but a messy work station can actually create a sense of chaos that translates to your work. Organizing your cables seems daunting, but trust us, it’s not difficult. Get it right the first time and end your cabling woes for good. Make sure you label all cables, check the cable lengths and diameters, and create a clear path for them to travel to your power source in a clean and unobtrusive manner. Tidying up your work station will make a huge difference and you’ll feel the effects of the newfound cleanliness right away in your productivity.

WM32 Wire Manager

Paint The Walls

Painting really makes a difference in any room. Try a new color. This alone can change the mood of your office instantly. It is widely believed that color can greatly influence people’s feelings. Warm tones are believed to be perfect for collaborative environments and cool tones are better for a calming effect. Figure out what makes sense for your business and what type of culture you’d like to create and embody and slap on a fresh coat of paint.

Colorful Office

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