How To Update Your Kitchen On A Budget
November 20, 2017

Tips To Update Your Kitchen

There’s no doubt that a full kitchen remodel can really spice up the look of your home, but committing to it can be expensive, challenging, and time consuming. Luckily, if you want to see some big changes without committing to a remodel, there are some simple solutions that won’t break the bank.

Before you start making changes, come up with a plan. How do you want to the space to look? What style are you going for? What is your budget for this project? Answering these simple questions will help you focus on what needs to be done to achieve your goal. Maybe all you need is a new color to freshen up your look? A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your design. Get some inspiration online from Pinterest or in your favorite interior design magazine. Find the style that suits you and build on that.

Here we have some suggestions on small updates that can make a big difference. Try any or all of these to reinvigorate your senses.


A new color is a great way to freshen up a kitchen and give it that new feeling. Sometimes, just painting your walls is enough. Get creative - you can paint all walls or just choose an accent wall with a bolder color. You’ll feel the difference right the way.

Before & After Accent Wall


You might not have thought about it, but simply changing your cabinet hardware can make it look new again. You can make a traditional kitchen look modern just by installing modern hardware. There are innumerous hardware styles that will help you transform your kitchen. Changing hardware is a much cheaper alternative than changing the actual cabinetry – give it a try!

Before & After Hardware


If your kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash you should definitely consider adding one. It just gives personality to your kitchen. Ceramic, glass, and stone are just some of the materials you can use to make a backsplash. Choose a tile that will match or complement your kitchen style.

Before & After Tile


Lighting makes a huge difference in any room. Change that old light fixture and add new potent light bulbs; you’ll see a huge improvement right away by making your kitchen feel bright, airy and warm.

Before & After Lighting


Another easy way to update your kitchen is by changing your countertop. But don’t be scared. Instead of replacing the whole piece, just get some contact paper with your favorite marble pattern and voila, new marble countertops.

Before & After Countertops

Painting, adding a backsplash, changing hardware, lighting fixtures, and countertops will surely give you a fresh new feeling without undergoing a full remodel. Transform an old kitchen in a modern one. Or a basic kitchen into a classic. Just consider the options that will help you get the look you’re after and you’re half way home. Good luck!

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