How To Mix Antique Furniture With Modern Furniture
August 7, 2017

Trend Alert - Antique Furniture gets a modern makeover

What's the best way to make antiques new again? Pair them with modern furniture. The mixed materials and finishes will create a fun and modern blend. Then to accent this pairing of old and new, don't be afraid to go bold! Bright colors will create a dramatic effect and help bring out the natural qualities of the antique furniture.

Antique Table


Mixed-use antique furniture is a great way to find new purpose for aging materials. Conversion pieces like turning old sculptures, vases and other ornaments into modern table lamps can bring new charm to the piece. Or simply update them with 21st century conveniences like convenient power outlets built into the furniture. Combination pieces that add modern metal finishes to certain parts of the piece while retaining the authenticity of the antique material in other parts creates a great contrast. Just be wary of trying this on valuable vintage pieces as this may decrease the value for collectors.

Richmond House Gregory


The takeaway: think bold. Create that unexpected mix of style. Contrast is key in this old meets new design trend. Mix round and square, bold and neutral. Explore different time periods in your design and blend them together. You'll be happy with the results!

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