2017 - That's a Wrap!
December 27, 2017

2017 - That's a Wrap!

Another year has come and gone at Mockett. Our 37th to be exact. Each as excellent as the last! This year was exceptionally memorable though, and we are proud to have assisted you in providing the finest in architectural hardware.

We started off the year with our new website. Quite a thrill ride that was. We began working on that late last year and launched in January. Then fixed this. Fixed that. The usual bugs that come along with a new site build. But we’re also taking a closer look at your comments and concerns to better your experience. We are continually updating to try to accommodate you as best we can. We expect 2018 will be even more in tune with your demands and we will grow with you together!

We released over 30 new products in the way of power grommets, wireless chargers, shelf supports, table legs, coat hooks and more. But even more exciting, we have a bunch of parts that were expected to be released this year that we aim to introduce in 2018. Trust us though, they’re worth the wait. Plus, our 3D printers are printing furiously and churning out new design concepts, and our in-house design team is fast at work on new solutions for your architectural needs.

We exhibited at five shows this year: International Builder’s Show (IBS), Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference (HD Expo), InfoComm, NeoCon, and Boutique Design New York (BDNY). They were all quite memorable and we enjoyed not only showing you our collection, but also meeting you in person and exchanging stories and introductions. We thank you for stopping by to see us and we hope to catch you again in 2018!

So, now what?

Well, for starters, we’re kicking off 2018 with a new catalog. We are buttoning that up as we speak to send off to the printer and have in the mail for you in January.

What else? You’ll just have to wait and see… but we assure you, we expect 2018 to be YUGE! We wish you a spectacular and prosperous New Year! Many thanks for your continued support. We're here because of you, and for you. May your Holiday Season be Merry and Bright! Enjoy what’s left of 2017 and get ready for a fun ride next year.

Happy New Year!