Super Tables
March 13, 2017

How To Make Your Office Desk More Comfortable and Efficient

Super Tables

Did you know that your work desk can be much more than a simple tabletop? Consider the possibilities that can turn your regular old desk into a super table. Customize your user experience with a few simple upgrades:

• Ergonomics
Have you seen those tables that go up and down? Cool, right? Having a sit stand workstation or electrically driven adjustable table legs can create a more dynamic working environment with freedom of movement and the ability to refresh and refocus. Plus, there's more to it than just the option to stand... there are health implications too!

According to dietitian Joe Leech, extended periods of sitting can be harmful to the body. People today spend more time sitting than they do on their feet, and this sedentary lifestyle is directly linked with poor circulation and obesity.

Some of the benefits of having an adjustable height table are:
• Improves Productivity
• Lowers risk of weight gain
• Lowers risk of heart attack
• Reduces back pain
• Increases energy levels
• Improves mood

Super Tables
TLEL3 - Electrically Driven Adjustable Table Legs

Super Tables
WS1-90 - Sit Stand Workstation Caddy

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• Convenience Outlets
Have you ever experienced the strain of rummaging under a desk to find an outlet? Or having to cross the room to find one and then have to relocate your belongings into a makeshift temporary workstation centered around the power source? That can be frustrating.

So, why not install a recessed or a surface mount power outlet in the table to remedy this? There are numerous styles to best fit your needs. These handy power solutions will make life much more convenient. We will always need power to charge our mobile devices and peripherals - having convenient access at the surface level will maximize efficiency and change the way you work!

Super Tables
PCS90/4E/U1 - Hinged Lid Power Grommet - 4 Power/Dual USB

Super Tables
PCS36B/USB3E - Medium Flip-Up Grommet (3 Electric/USB)

• Cable Management
Even with advancing technology, we still live in a world with wires. Ironically, even "wireless" devices have wires. And there's no such thing as an attractive cable. No matter how organized and clean your desk is, having loose cables make any space look messy.

There are a number of wire management solutions and gadgets that can turn your messy workstation into a clean and efficient work space. Options include grips, wire stay channels that are cut to length, round plastic (or metal, or wood, etc) grommets that dress up the hole in the desk where the wires run up for access, and wire managers that go from the underside of the table to the floor. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes! You'll feel much better once you have all your wires organized and out of sight.

Super Tables
WM7-90 - Guide with VELCRO® brand fasteners

Super Tables
WM2 - 1 Piece J-Shape Wire Manager

Super Tables
EDP - EDP Flip-Top® Series 2-1/2" hole Desk Grommet

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