5 Ways to Be More Productive At Work
November 13, 2017

Tips on Productivity

Sometimes Mondays just feel like… Monday. That Sunday feeling dreading going back to the grind. Expect your productivity to be at its lowest on Monday morning, often putting important tasks at risk while you struggle to get back into your groove. Well, we want to help! Here are 5 tips from “A Life of Productivity” that we think will help you break the habit and get ahead of it.

1) Give yourself less time to finish important tasks. This will force you to plan more effectively and stay focused to meet deadlines. The shorter time frame will inspire your best efforts.

Productivity Time Management

2) Get to the point - shorter emails, less clutter. Keep it simple. Be concise and to the point - ensure your emails deliver your ideas in a few sentences. Also, when organizing you email inbox, keep everything in one main folder. This makes it faster and easier to search rather than sifting through multiple folders.

3) Prioritize important tasks, even if they are not urgent. Dividing larger tasks into smaller sections that can be handled individually can help break up a big assignment and keep you focused. It’ll be done before you know it!

Productivity To Do List

4) Be effective while procrastinating. Sound silly? Use down time to plan ahead – it doesn’t feel as overwhelming as actually working, but will still help your overall performance down the road. Instead of browsing the web when you’re in a rut, try catching an online seminar. The key is to pace yourself and stay productive at all times.

5) Eat healthy. Exercise. It’s no secret that having a healthy lifestyle will make you feel good about yourself. Boost your energy and mood, sleep better, ward off apathy and prevent long term illness and disease caused by unhealthy eating habits.

Productivity. Diet & Exercise

And most importantly, remember you are not a machine. Following a routine everyday can get tiring, so break the cycle once in a while. Always have a plan. Stay focused and make sure every action you take is getting you one step closer to your goal.

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