5 Fun Halloween Decor Ideas: Pinterest Picks
October 23, 2017

Pinterest Picks – Halloween

Fall means cooler weather, lattes, pumpkins, and of course, Halloween. And for you creative types, this is the absolute best time of year to show off your dark side-fueled craftiness. Pinterest is full of great Halloween decoration ideas from fun to spooky to downright scary. Want to find out what’s on trend for this Halloween? Keep scrolling to see our favorite Pinterest Picks.

1) Stranger Things

The famous Netflix show Stranger Things turned into an instant phenomenon last year and the scheduled release of the highly acclaimed Season 2 is just in time for Halloween. Its timely release is sure to inspire many Halloween parties this year. Fans of the show will recognize this crude telegraph to the dark world of the “upside down” – adorn your wall with this simple cult classic tribute that consists only of a bed sheet and some Christmas lights. This is easy to recreate and will give your Halloween party a trendy twist that will be the talk of the town.

Stranger Things

2) Spooky Crystal Ball

Thinking of giving your dinner party a spooky twist? These skull inspired crystal balls create a ghostly vibe without scaring away your guests before the main dish is served. A light, fun decoration that can be found at the dollar store – what a bargain!

Halloween Decorations

3) Body in black plastic bags

Clever! This one is totally fun and harmless when you see what’s REALLY inside, but it’s sure to create a chilling mood. Or leave it out in the yard past Halloween to get the neighbors talking. Or unscheduled visits from local law enforcement!

Halloween Decorations

4) Man's head in a jar

Okay, this is only for the macabre. This is as creepy as it gets! But if you’re really looking to give someone the chills, all you need is a jar of vegetable oil and some light photoshop skills for this trick. Your party guests will love it! Well, that, or they may never come over ever again…

Halloween Decorations

5) Crow and White Pumpkins

This Halloween decoration is the perfect combination for someone that wants to get into the Halloween spirit but doesn’t necessarily want to leave partygoers running for the hills. This aged look with white pumpkins goes great with some crows, cobwebs and dusty frames. Most of these props can be found individually for cheap – it’s up to you to put them all together in an eclectic ensemble of horror. Muah-ha-ha!

Halloween Decorations

Which spooky ideas will you use to decorate your House of Horrors? Head over to our Pinterest board Halloween Décor Ideas to see more Halloween picks!

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