How To Install a Pop-Up Outlet In Your Kitchen
July 3, 2017

How to Install your PCS77 Unit

The PCS77 is one of our favorite Pop-Up Kitchen Power options. It has everything a power grommet needs, and your electrician will love it too! The PCS77 has Tamper Resistant, GFCI outlets and a hardwire connection, plus a water tight seal to prevent liquids from getting inside the unit, which makes this unit perfect for use in potential wet areas, including kitchen islands and countertops.

PCS77 is very easy to install. Cut a round opening in your surface, drop in the unit from the top, and secure in place using the locking ring. Super simple, here’s a STEP-BY-STEP:

STEP 1: First, determine the location of your cutout on on your work surface. Prepare to drill a 3-3/4” opening, and be sure there is enough room underneath your surface to properly install and that the conduit is not strained.

PCS77 Installation Step 1: Measurements


Step 2: After determining your desired location, prep the surface area for drilling. Before you make the larger 3-3/4" cut out, we suggest drilling a smaller pilot hole to serve as a guide for the larger drill bit.

PCS77 Installation Step 2: Drilling Instructions


Use a 3-3/4" drill bit and drill through your surface.


PCS77 Installation Step 2: Drilling Instructions


PCS77 Installation Step 2: Hole Cut Instructions


STEP 3: Feed the conduit through the opening from the top and then lower the unit into place.

PCS77 Installation Step 3: Guiding into the Cutout


Once the unit is in place and level on the surface, fasten by hand tightening the locking ring over the threaded cylinder below the surface. Locking ring should rotate smoothly once properly engaged. If not, the locking ring may be cross-threaded - undo and try again.


PCS77 Installation Step 3: Locking Ring


This is how the unit will look inside your cabinet.


PCS77 Installation Step 3: Installed and Completed


Step 4: Lastly, we recommend having a licensed electrician finish the job.

After your electrician installs the electrical, PCS77 Pop-up Kitchen Power is ready for use. To operate, simply press down on the top and the unit pops up to access two GFCI power outlets rated 15A/125VAC. Then close to hide away nearly flush with the surface when not in use.


PCS77-23G - Pop-Up Kitchen Power Grommet
PCS77-23G - Pop-Up Kitchen Power™ Grommet


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