PCS77 on HGTVs Property Brothers
February 27, 2017

PCS77 on HGTV's Property Brothers

We had a very exciting opportunity to include our Pop-Up Kitchen Power grommet, PCS77, on HGTV's Property Brothers Season 10, Episode 9. We were able to provide a practical and convenient kitchen power solution to a very tricky remodel situation. The kitchen was essentially leveled and built up from scratch, and when the project went over budget and there was no answer to the missing outlets in the kitchen area, PCS77 came to the rescue!

The tech savvy homeowners had a number of concerns about their new fixer-upper home, and unexpected issues with the roof and the add-on garage set the project back. These major construction issues, along with looming budget issues, left little time to address the interior design aspect of the project. Time was running out, and it was unclear if the house was going to be up to the homeowners' standards.

The kitchen was one of the last parts of the project to come together. A new open concept floor plan opened up the scenic views of the surrounding wooded area. While the beautiful views fit perfectly with the new design, these large windows ran the length of the countertop and left little room for outlets on the back splash. Using the 6/12 rule, National Electric Code (NEC) requires an electrical receptacle six feet from any obstruction or break in the wall, such as a doorway, and no more than twelve feet from the previous electrical receptacle. Needless to say, this was going to be a problem. In a pinch, the design coordinator for the show called on us for assistance.

PCS77 was the perfect solution as it offers GFCI protection along with tamper resistant outlets and a water tight seal. The units hide away when not in use for a nearly flush look with the countertop. Four units were installed across the length of the countertop. Problem solved! The renovation as a whole came together in the nick of time, and it turned out to be a huge success. Though they were originally looking for something completely different, they ended up with their surprise dream home. The family checked in with the design coordinator after the completion of the project to share the news that they loved their new PCS77 units!

Property Brothers on HGTV - Season 10 - Episode 9 - Unexpected Dream Home

Originally aired 2/15. Upcoming airings Saturday, 3/4 at 6pm/5c and 3/22 at 7pm/6c.

This isn't PCS77's first rodeo either! You may remember it aired on DIY Network after the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in 2016 on "I Want That" featuring the hottest home improvement products. If PCS77 or any of our other products have helped inspire your home or office project, we'd love to see it! Please share your story and photos with us at [email protected].

PCS77 on HGTV Property Brothers

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