NeoCon 2017 Wrap Up
June 19, 2017

NeoCon 2017 Wrap Up

If you attended NeoCon 2017 in Chicago, surely we don't need to tell you there was no shortage of work-inspired details. If you didn't get the opportunity to attend, read on and we'll tell you more about what we found in our recap roundup!

NeoCon is the commercial interiors industry's biggest event of the year, with the latest in innovative design for contract furniture on display for over 50,000 design professionals. A virtual "who's who?" in the design community, bringing together representatives from Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Retail, and every other facet of commercial design.

So, what was big in 2017? While we were mostly manning our own booth, we did get the opportunity to briefly walk the rest of the show. In short, everything revolves around comfort. Workspaces are adapting, and the furniture that was once functional for single-purpose seating and static work applications is no longer cutting it for next generation design. The adaptable work space has been a hot topic for the last several years, but we are now in full swing in carrying out that adaptation.

1. Adjustable height desks and adaptable workstations.
If you haven't gotten the memo yet, employees enjoy the versatility of a standing height desk. Electric table legs and mobile desk platform caddies that move up and down while keeping all your desk materials intact for you during the transition are in. Promote wellness, increase productivity. It's catching on.

TLEL3 - Electrically Driven Adjustable Table Legs
Electrically Driven Adjustable Table Legs


2. How about privacy?
Without all those cubicle walls of yesteryear, how are you supposed to make a private call? Or tune out ambient noise and chatter? Acoustic panels and acoustic privacy meeting spaces can deal with that. Everything from isolated wall-mounted, felt-covered personal phone booths to large pod enclosures with a desk and seating for two (or more) for private meeting spaces in an open floor plan. That special felt-covered acoustic paneling deadens the outside noise and traps the inside noise for a surprisingly private experience.

PSCR7 - Acoustic Panel
Acoustic Panel


3. Wood.
Sustainable wood. Reclaimed and repurposed wood. Mixed wood. Flooring. Desks. You get the picture. Wood was everywhere, and boy, was it beautiful! If you are looking to take your office environment back to nature, then you will love the new selections on the way from leading woodworking manufacturers. You've already brought in that natural light by way of the open floor plan, right? Now you might want to incorporate more natural elements.

Meisch Made Wood Products
Meisch Made


4. Funky furniture and textiles.
Why not add some fun to your workplace? The office is your oyster. Bright colors were on display, but also the use of mixed materials and mixed color combinations within the same piece. Lounge furniture with sectioned seating and power integration could be two or three different colors all on the same piece. And why not? It looks brilliant! Or a leather bound exterior panel backing a fabric seating surface on the opposite side. Why not some unconventional spongy lounge furniture or office seating? Yes, please!

Cliffy Collection
Cliffy Collection


5. Smart surfaces.
I bet you were going to ask, "So where does Mockett fit into all of this?" We had all the goodies on display for your finishing touches. Wireless Charging, Power, USB, integrated bluetooth speakers for your power and USB, and even new USB-C for those early adopter innovators. Make your furniture functional with the addition of convenience outlets. Plus, we had everything else there in our 140' long booth too... new table legs, new coat hooks, new casters, new power grommets, new wire managers. It was all there. If you missed it, then, well, we hope to see you in 2018!

Flip-Up - 2 Pwr/1 Dual USB
Flip-Up - 2 Pwr/1 Dual USB


We are learning just how important office design is in influencing employee retention, so if it's important to employees, it's important to your bottom line! Take notice.

Search #neocon2017 on your favorite social media site for thousands of image uploads from the show!



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