Mixing Metals Guide - 3 Easy Steps to Mix Metal Finishes
February 6, 2017

As we get settled into the new year, it may be time to consider freshening up your look with a new home décor for 2017. A few simple changes can revitalize your space and make the old feel new again. Changing your hardware is a cost-effective way to spruce up your design, and mixing metals to give it an extra pop is an easy way to give it that added depth. Mixing metals is hardly a new concept, but this design trend is sure to set off your design and allow you to give it a personal touch. Don’t be afraid - these simple changes to your home will create an air of sophistication and charm. Be bold. Be free. Be you!

Changing knobs and cabinet hardware is the perfect way to begin your journey into mixed metals. It allows you to update your kitchen and bathroom without actually changing the cabinetry. The finishing touches are the details that bring life to your furniture. As Vern Yip, interior designer and “HGTV Design Star” judge, says: “the hardware in your kitchen is sort of like the jewelry”. The idea is to use different metals in different sizes, shapes, and finishes throughout the room. The right blend of mixed metals makes all the difference.

Dina Holland, interior designer and blogger behind the Honey + Fitz, offers up a simple tip to help people be more confident in mixing metals: Divide the space into horizontal sections. Everything that is in the same plane will have the same metal. The other sections will have their own choice metals as well. This allows you to mix up the space without compromising consistency.

Here is an example:

Dina Holland Interiors - Tips on How to Mix Metals

This kitchen is a perfect example of the harmonious relationship of carefully selected mixed metals. Start with the first plane, the ceiling. The chandeliers are Aluminum. In the middle we have an elegant water tap in Brass. And the look is completed with English Antique drawer knobs and handles in two different shapes in the bottom section.

Another tip that Dina mentions is to use one predominant color throughout the room, then complement that look with a single striking element in a different metal finish.

For example:

Kathy Kuo Home - Mixing Metals

This charming kitchen mixes metals perfectly. Satin Chrome is used throughout in various forms on the door hardware and drawer handles and knobs, then to give a hint of sophistication, they used a Brass chandelier to offset the neutral tones brilliantly.

These are some easy and simple ways to give your space a new look on a budget. Try it and tell us what you think!

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