4 Types of Power Grommets That Will Transform Your Desk
April 23, 2017

Perfection is in the Details

What separates your business from the competition? If the customer experience is not at the top of your list, it should be. Now, what creates the best customer experience? The details! The thoughtful little things that leave a lasting impression. Regardless of the nature of your business - hotels, bars, night clubs, and coffee shops are no different than retail outlets and corporate offices when it comes to accommodating clients. They all want to impress customers with great services to keep them coming back, and simple, thoughtful considerations in their experience can make the difference. The biggest area of improvement needed for any business institution is accessible power outlets.

In today's world, everybody is connected to their mobile device, and everyone has experienced the vulnerabilities of a low battery signal. And yet, establishments fail to provide energy sources to their customers. Why not invite your customers to stick around awhile? Offer up charging solutions and turn a frantic, distracted customer into a comfortable and relaxed one.

The search for power outlets is hardly a new problem. The article "Power Users, Ready for a Refill" from The New York Times, written 12 years ago, was already calling attention to the fact that we all need many power resources: "Every day, millions of people are finding themselves scurrying about in search of wells of electricity they can tap so their battery-powered mobile devices can remain mobile". Over a decade later, and we're still faced with the same problem. The only difference being that back then, community power was a luxurious upgrade, and now, keeping people connected is absolutely dire.

Now, here are some examples of convenience outlets that will help you to provide the best possible experience for your customer, and will also integrate seamlessly into your furniture and your design:

These units pop-up, flip-up, pull-up, or rotate over. The idea is simple: there when you need it, hidden when you don't.

PCS82C/U2 - Flip-Up - 3 Pwr/2 Dual USB
PCS82C/U2 - Flip-Up - 3 Pwr/2 Dual USB


These are open in plain sight, ready to be plugged in. This is a simple way to provide convenient power options at the surface level.

PCS85C/U2 - Minimalist Flush Mount Grommet - 3 Electrical/2 Dual USB
PCS85C/U2 - Minimalist Flush Mount Grommet - 3 Electrical/2 Dual USB


Surface Mount:
No drill or cuts needed. These very versatile power systems simply mount to a desk surface and it is perfect for shared workstations and temporary setups.

PCS48F - Edge Mount Power Dock with Dual USB Charger
PCS48F - Edge Mount Power Dock with Dual USB Charger


Freestanding Tabletop:
No strings attached with this one! No installation required, just easy access in a stylish extension for wherever you need it. Easily movable to wherever power is needed.

PCS83/USB - Wood Wrapped Power Dock - Electric/Dual USB
PCS83/USB - Wood Wrapped Power Dock - Electric/Dual USB


Try any of these power solutions, whichever is best suited for your design, and see what a difference it will make!

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