How to Decorate Shelves
September 18, 2017

Interior Design - How to Decorate Shelves

Wall shelves can be elegant, fun, and bold. They not only optimize vertical space, but can easily add personality to offices, commercial spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, you name it. They can be tricky though – done wrong, and they can make your wall look cluttered. Follow these tips to find the perfect shelf brackets for your application – with a bit of fun, vibrant personal expression!

Types of Shelves

First choose the type of shelf that will complement your space. Assess what style you want to embrace, whether that be: sleek and chic, farm house, modern, minimalist, industrial, etc. This first step will set the tone for your entire project. Find the right theme and the rest will start to fall into place.

Mockett SH40

Wall Shelves

Decorating the Shelves

You’ve selected your shelf and shelf brackets and installed everything on the wall. So, now what do you plan to put on the shelf? The contents of your display will say a lot about the design process.

1) Color Palette

Having a consistent color palette is essential in keeping harmony amongst the objects on the shelves. Keep it simple; choose up to 3 or 4 colors that complement one another. For example, in the photo below beige, gold and blue are used together. These colors serve to link the shelves together, and the relationship between the colors creates balance.

Shelves on gray background

2) Use the triangle method

The triangle method is basically creating a connection between objects that have something in common, for example color. You can create small or big triangles within one shelf or multiple shelves. The picture below illustrates how you can visualize this type of grouping.

Triangle Method

3) Grouping objects

When grouping objects, make sure you group them in odd numbers - one and three are the perfect combination. Another way to group objects is by mixing vertical and horizontal. Avoid putting objects together that are the same height or close to each other; it makes the overall look of the shelf seem flat.

Grouping Objects

These basic tips will get you started in creating your own beautiful design. Be sure to share your results with us, and for more inspiration make sure to follow our Shelf Support board on Pinterest.

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