Future of Customer Service
May 22, 2017

Are Robots the Future of Customer Service? Not if we can help it!

Have you ever experienced a frustrating customer service experience? Stupid question. More like "Who HASN'T?" Some companies even go so far as to not even list their company's customer service number! Then once you find it, you are then channeled through a gauntlet of exhausting automated menu options that may or may not contain the only option you are looking for, which is talk to a representative. We understand your pain wholeheartedly. All we want is to talk to another human being - that human connection cannot be replicated by machines.

To circumvent the frustrating phone experience, we often rely on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to publicly express our concerns. We expect fast or immediate responses in most circumstances, and if we can't get it on the phone, where else can we go? Researchers are trying to make that customer service experience more efficient without having the resources to do so in a conventional sense. The supposed answer:

Artificial Intelligence.


AI bots? Or a human solution?


The future of artificial intelligence is becoming a reality. We've all talked to a call-routing bot and also chatted with it. This sandbox version of artificial intelligence that we are currently living in is not quite up to par just yet. But in the very near future, artificial intelligence will learn to become more human-like and it will help companies lower their cost and increase response time. Autonomous bots are learning this human-like behavior from... you. And me. And everyone engaging online in social media.

When you like and share stories on social media, they listen. When you type a conversation online, they take notice of grammatical conversational tones. They are learning the very nature of human emotion and communication.

Expectations are that AI bots will autonomously address your problem and you won't even have to talk to a real person. But what if your problem can't be solved by a robot or you are not satisfied with the service solution provided? Unfortunately, the key factor in all of this is being overlooked: empathy. These robots are being trained to follow manuals and corporate policies, which will only further frustrate the customer experience in a dynamic problem-and-solution based dialogue. What if a bot has not encountered a certain new issue that their programming does not cover? There's no human connection or understanding of the customer's problem on a higher level. There's no empowering a device to make human decisions that will right the wrongs of a situation and leave the customer with a good feeling about their level of service.

Unlike some companies who have already jumped at the chance to implement AI technology into their answering services, here at Mockett, we like to provide a real human solution. A real person answering the phone to address your customer service needs. We want to personally communicate with our customers and know what our customers want and expect from us so we can continue to do it better. So, if you have any questions or special requests, don't hesitate to call us. We'll be more than happy to assist you!


Doug Mockett & Co. - Providing a Human Solution


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