What an exciting year for our Annual Design Competition! We have two fantastic winning entries that came from industrial design students at Appalachian State University. This is actually the third year in a row that students from their Industrial Design program have won! Incredible. This out of a pool of over 150 entries. Many thanks to all for the wonderful design entries we received – it’s never an easy decision when judging, but in the end, there were two. We want to congratulate our winners for their fine designs that took a very unique approach to simple hardware applications and gave them a thoughtful twist that will ultimately improve upon standard functionality. And will look great in the process too! Congratulations Hannah and Michael, we can’t wait to see your ideas come to life!


This intriguing art deco inspired coat hook takes an ordinary stamped triangle plate and layers it by bending out additional interior triangles that serve as multi-level hooks. Hang a shirt or jacket on the bottom hook and an additional jacket, hat or scarf on the larger hook above.


Wire Management for the floor under desks and along baseboards can be tricky, but this unique design solution takes an ordinary wirestay channel and turns it into a shield for your power strip to conceal the wires safely out of harm’s way and doubles as a footrest. Seat your power strip in the caddy and run additional data cables underneath.

Design Competition