PTRC Power Track System F.A.Q's:

Q: How are Power Track systems attached to a floor?

A: The Power Track system is anchored to the concrete floor slab with Tapcon® concrete anchors (included in each set.)

Q: Are Power Track systems designed for new construction or remodeling?

A: Both! Power Track systems are designed to be used in new construction, renovations, or modular furniture reconfigurations.

Q: What is the height of the Power Track conduit? Will it go beneath modular furniture panels?


A: The height of the Power Track conduit is less than an inch, well within the adjustability range of virtually all modular furniture systems.

Q: Who installs Power Track systems?


A: As with all electrical power systems, Power Track must be installed by a licensed electrician.

Q: What types of flooring work with Power Track?


A: Power Track is designed to work with broad loom carpet or carpet tiles.

Q: Why is the Power Track conduit cap exposed? Can it be covered with carpet?


A: The cap which runs the length of the Power Track system is designed to be removed for ease of changing /installing data cables. Power Track is designed to work with broad loom carpet or carpet tiles. Optional ribbed rubber cover strips in five standard colors are avaiable too.

Q: What sort of flexibility in lengths does Power Track offer?


A: Power Track systems come in 8 foot and 4 foot lengths. They can be field–cut to any length and can be joined together end–to–end also.

Q: Does Power Track comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?


A: Yes, the height and slope of the Power Track systems are designed to comply with the ADA. Of course, in all installations the interface box or modular furniture power whip connection box must be located beneath the work surface—not in the walking path.

Q: After it‘s installed, can I move my Power Track conduit system?


A: Yes, Power Track systems are designed to be easily moved and changed as your needs change. The system components are simply unscrewed from the floor slab after the power and data cables are disconnected and reinstalled in their new location.

Q: Can I connect a Power Track individual receptacle system to an existing power outlet in our conference room?


A: Yes, you can! Your electrician should verify that there is sufficient capacity in the circuit that serves the outlet first. Then the Power Track conduit can be “fished” up the wall and connected to the bottom of the metal outlet box located inside the wall.

Q: How many workstations can be supplied by a single Power Track modular furniture conduit system?


A: The Power Track modular furniture conduit systems provide 4 – 20 amp circuits. The number of workstations which can be served depends on the power requirements at the individual workstations. You should contact your modular furniture dealer for help determining your specific requirements.

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