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What a way to display! Decorative sign brackets and holders can add an artistic touch to your display, while our multi-purpose brackets (MPB's), otherwise known as "standoffs", have so many uses, we don't even know where to start! Raise a shelf above a desk, hang a modesty panel below one, or create display boards with raised panels. Step out to create multiple layers and create a dynamic signage system that is truly one of a kind. Hanging a piece of artwork or adding a transaction top to a reception desk - these universal supports are capable of doing it all. The options are seemingly endless as we discover new uses for them all the time. Just about any custom length or diameter can be made. Please contact us with your specifications.

Note: MPB hardware is available only upon purchase or prior purchase of MPB supports.

Supports & Signage
  1. Multi-Purpose Support Hangers

    Multi-Purpose Support Hangers
  2. Panel Grips

    Panel Grips
  3. Sign Systems & Tag Holders

    Sign Systems & Tag Holders
  4. Shelf Supports

    Shelf Supports
  5. Work Surface Supports

    Work Surface Supports
  6. Table Clamps

    Table Clamps
  7. Z Clips

    Z Clips