PCS34A - Kitchen Power Grommet

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  • PCS34A-90/90 (Black Trim Ring)
  • PCS34A-90/94 (Satin Aluminum Trim Ring)
  • PCS34A-90 (Clear rubber ring)
  • PCS34A Ring Option Chart
  • PCS34A-90 - In Use
  • PCS34A-90 - In Use
  • PCS34A-90 - In Use

The first ever Power and Communications Grommet specifically designed for kitchens, laboratories, medical offices; any place liquids could spill. Note the clear rubber ring around the top. This ring forms a seal when the unit is closed, preventing water and other liquids from getting into PCS34A. A simple yet very, very effective improvement in Power and Data Grommets! To use, just grab the two metal handles on the top and pull up until PCS34A "clicks" locked in place. To lower, depress the red button on bottom and push down.

Standard configuration is two electrical outlets rated 15A/125VAC and two Category 6 data modules with 9 ft patch cords.

Overall: 4 1/16" diameter
Cut Out: 3 5/32" diameter
9 ft. electrical cord.

Recommended table thickness: 1/2" minimum to 2" maximum.

The unit is held snugly and firmly in its hole by a tightly locking flange that secures from underneath. It also has a reset button that lights when power is "on".

Available with pre-installed Black or Satin Aluminum trim ring or with standard Clear rubber ring. Optional removable trim ring accessory available in Black or Satin Aluminum (for units without pre-installed trim rings only).

Designed as a relocatable power tap for retrofit only.
For use in kitchen it must be plugged in to a GFCI outlet.

U.L. Listed and Canadian U.L. ListedUL listed and tested to meet UL1363 (Relocatable Power Tap). UL File No. E211536. Electrical codes vary by location. Please check with your electrician to verify that this unit meets your local code before installing.
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