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May 2
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ICFF - May 16-19
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HD Boutique
September 14-15, Miami Beach Convention, Center, Miami Beach.

Helping others has been dear to my heart and every now and then I use this column to plump for a worthy cause. Please go to and see the incredible work Bruce and Mathilde Wilson are doing in Au Centre, the remote village in the mountains of western Haiti where Mathilde was born and raised.

I was fortunate enough to go there with them for a few days in January. And had my eyes opened. Wide. Where to start?
No jobs, no electricity, no running water, no medical, no food, no road, just a dirt footpath, no indoor plumbing, one outhouse (at Mathilde’s mom’s house, thankfully), bamboo/thatch shacks, no connection with the outside world, and no education until this past September when the 8 classroom school opened that Bruce and Mathilde had built, with some help from their friends. It has 200 students very eager to learn.

Water is carried up a steep hill from a withering spring by women balancing 5 gallon (30 pound) plastic cans on their heads. 3–4 times daily. Food is rice and beans, some home grown vegetables and wild fruits, meat protein is virtually unheard of.

Mathilde has introduced treadle power sewing machines and a teacher to show young ladies sewing skills. They need materials to sew.

Please send us clothes people can wear, please send clothes that maybe are not wearable but the fabric can be used for something or for practice. We’ll gather it all up over the next month or so and then send the boxes to Port au Prince, Haiti and then on to the village. Send to me and mark “Haiti” on it somewhere. Haiti Support is an IRS recognized 501©(3) so your donation is fully tax deductible. They have no overhead or “administrative” fees so 100% of donations to go work.


Douglas A. J. Mockett

It is no secret the American economy has dipped into a recession. It also appears this is the worst slowdown our economy has had in decades. It is also no secret your business is off. And ours is off. What to do?

We are taking the proactive step of examining every one of our 5000 prices and reducing almost every one, and passing on the savings to you. If this move helps you, it helps us all…

Some parts we have been able to reduce quite substantially, some not so much, others a little, and others (mainly newer ones) not at all. We have been working with our suppliers and explained to them the urgency of the situation. Most have been fully supportive, others surprisingly have been dragging their feet. Which is too bad.

We are printing and are mailing a new price list to those who have purchased within the past year. Others will receive a letter directing them to our website where our latest and lower prices will be available for download. If you want a printed copy mailed to you please email us at Please keep in mind the website price list will be a moving target and will change from time to time as our Luddite suppliers get a dose of 2009 reality. We expect some of our web prices to come down as suppliers get in line. If in doubt, please visit our website for the latest.

As an example, here are some of our typical good-selling components and their old and new prices and their discount.

Was $69.00 to $62.35*
Now $66.25 to $54.50*
A discount of 4%-13%.

Was $28.60 to $25.85*
Now $24.10 to $21.85*
A discount of 7%-22%.

Was $11.30 to $10.45*
Now $9.95 to $9.20*
A discount of 12%.

*Depending upon quantity.

See all our components for kitchen, bath, office and computer furniture,
on our website or in our new full color catalog. To request a free catalog or CD,
please visit our website or call us.