We are pleased to offer the most gorgeous line of pulls, door handles, and bath accessories from Turnstyle Designs and designed by Steve Roberts of Barnstaple, England. They are unusual in that most every design features a metal base with leather stitched over. The designs are functional yet terrifically elegant and, needless to say, very masculine. Very different from most hardware and just perfect for that special situation. It is truly an honor to represent such fine furniture components here in the USA.

As the leather designs we have been selling the past few years have been very well accepted we elected to expand them. These new designs are very different, being a little more contemporary and utilizing top quality Tuscan leather in a very different manner, and much more of it. Same with the Chrome or Nickel metal trim. We think they compliment the leather we already offer. Now, a wider choice ... decisions, decisions!

Click here to view our matching Leather Drawer Pulls, Knobs and Door Handles!

Please note that these parts are all handmade and variations can be expected in finish. The leather textures also varies and the finish colors may vary slightly from what is depicted.

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  1. 259 px

    Robe Hook
  2. 8-21/32" Single Cup w/Leather Holder

    8-21/32" Single Cup w/Leather Holder
  3. 13-3/8" Dual Cup w/Leather Holder

    13-3/8" Dual Cup w/Leather Holder
  4. 259 px

    Leather Loops
  1. Simple Coat Hook

    Simple Coat Hook
  2. 259

    6-3/8" dia. Towel Loop
  3. 259 px

    23-31/32" Towel Rail
  4. 23-7/32" Shelf Bracket

    23-7/32" Shelf Bracket
  1. 8-21/32" Liquid Soap Dispenser

    8-21/32" Liquid Soap Dispenser
  2. 8-21/32" Soap Holder

    8-21/32" Soap Holder
  3. 17-7/16" Freestanding Toilet Brush

    17-7/16" Freestanding Toilet Brush
  4. 17-1/32" Fixed Toilet Brush

    17-1/32" Fixed Toilet Brush
  1. thumbnail

    7-3/16" Toilet Paper Holder
  2. 8-3/16" Toilet Paper Holder

    8-3/16" Toilet Paper Holder
  3. 5-29/32" Triple Towel Straps

    5-29/32" Triple Towel Straps
  4. 1-31/32" Single Towel Strap

    1-31/32" Single Towel Strap
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