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WM25 Wire Stay Designed by Harry Allen New YorkOur claim to fame is grommets—those little things lining the holes in desks, countertops, work surfaces, floors etc., that allow pesky wires and cables to pass through.

Our wire & cable management grommets are not only functional but look great too! Browse through our collection of grommets available in quality materials such as metal, plastic or wood—as well as in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Please click here to view our selection of Power and Data Grommets, our Trash Management Grommets, as well as our Wire Management series.

Grommets & Wire Management
  1. Round Plastic Grommets

    Round Plastic Grommets
  2. Plastic Grommets

    Plastic Grommets
  3. Metal Grommets

    Metal Grommets
  4. Wood Grommets

    Wood Grommets
  5. Air Vent Grilles

    Air Vent Grilles
  6. Trash Managers

    Trash Managers
  7. Paper Slot Grommets

    Paper Slot Grommets
  8. Wire Managers

    Wire Managers
  9. Forstner Bits

    Forstner Bits