How are your finishes applied?

Depending on the material and the finish, we have several options available. We offer powder coated, plated, or anodized finishes.

Powder coating is applying a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer, making the end result similar to a painted finish. We also have select parts that have a basic spray-on or spray-on-then-baked finish.

Plating involves binding a thin surface (finish) covering over the base metal through electrolysis to provide corrosion resistance and easier cleaning. Metallic finishes can also be applied to plastic parts. The process entails chemically etching platable grade materials to micro etch, or "roughen" the surface. This activates, or "seeds" the surface with metal ions. The activated surface can then undergo an electroless nickel plating. Once the plastic part is metalized with electroless nickel, it can then be processed in a similar way to metal substrate parts that are conductive for electrolytic plating processes.

Anodizing is done on Aluminum and also creates a protective coat for corrosion and wear resistance and is done by passing a direct current through an electrolytic solution creating a build-up of aluminum oxide. This protective coating eliminates finger prints and stains. All of our Aluminum parts are anodized. We simply classify all of our Aluminum parts as "Satin Aluminum."

*Note that since we use different suppliers and techniques for finish options, there may be some slight variance in color, depending upon supplier. Plated finishes can also differ slightly from batch to batch. We have sample finishes available upon request - please call for more information. For a quick reference color swatch guide, please click here:

Does finish affect pricing?

In some instances, different finishes for the same part might be priced differently. Pricing information per finish is available online - select the finish option to drop down a pricing window in product description. Please call with any further pricing inquiries.