Why the long lead time on custom items?

customGeneral lead time for custom parts is 4-8 weeks. Due to the custom nature of the job, custom parts generally take time to make and there is no way around this. It often involves several steps that are completed at different locations. We strive to get all jobs done in a timely manner, and oftentimes, we are able to complete the job before our posted lead times. Please call or email custom@mockett.com to discuss your request and lead time in detail.

Why is a 50% deposit required for custom items?

All custom orders require a 50% deposit in order to begin production. The balance can be paid upon completion. This is simply a security measure to protect against cancellations after production has begun, thus minimizing the risk of having to stock custom or unfinished parts on our shelves. The same 50% deposit requirements may apply to large orders of stock items as well that extend beyond our normal stock levels.

Can I customize any of the PCS (Power & Communication System) grommets? If so, how?

We are able to tailor our units to your specific requirements in most cases. Many of our units have the ability to be customized with alternate configurations - i.e. altering the number of power outlets and including additional data or a/v connectivity. Please call for details or email any inquiries to custom@mockett.com.